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OHNO Keitaro

Member,House of Representatives

Kagawa 3
Number of Times Elected
Nov. 1,1968


  • State Minister for Cabinet Affairs in charge of Economic Security and Disaster Management
  • Deputy Secretary-General, LDP
  • Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Defense
  • Chief Secretary, Project Team on Contingency Operation for Covid-19 issues, LDP
  • Chief Secretary, Project Team on System Designs and Information Services for Covid-19 issues, LDP
  • Chief Secretary, Project Team on Enhancement of Drug Discovery Capability, LDP
  • Deputy Chief Secretary, Headquarters on the Economic Growth Strategy, LDP
  • Deputy Chief Secretary, Strategic Headquarters on the Creation of a New International Order, LDP
  • Deputy Chief Secretary, Research Commission on Security, LDP
  • Director, Committee on Foreign Affairs, HR
  • Director, Committee on Audit and Oversight of Administration, HR
  • Member, Committee on Financial Affairs, HR
  • Member, Special Committee on Regional Revitalization, HR
  • Secretary-General, Special Mission Committee on Social Business, LDP
  • Deputy Chief Secretary, Research Commission on Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy, LDP
  • Manager, Research Commission on Intellectual Property Strategy, LDP
  • Acting Chief Secretary, Subcommittee on Space Policy Strategy, LDP
  • Visiting Fellow, UC Berkeley
  • Project Researcher, Industry-Academia-Government Cooperation Program of the University of Tokyo

Parliamentary Friendship Association Attached

  • Deputy Director-General, Japan-France Parliamentary Friendship Association
  • Secretary-General, Japan-Israel Parliamentary Friendship Association
  • Chief Secretary, Parliamentary League on Quantum Technology 

Area of Interest

  • Foreign Affaires and National Security(Economic Security)
  • Science and Technology, Innocation and SME
  • Treasury and Finance

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