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KATO Katsunobu

Member,House of Representatives

Okayama 5 ( New 3 )
Number of Times Elected
Nov. 22,1955


  • Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare
  • Minister for Working-style Reform
  • Minister in charge of the Abduction Issue
  • Minister of State for the Abduction Issue
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Visiting Professor
  • Minister for Promoting Dynamic Engagement of All Citizens/Working-style Reform
  • Minister in charge of Women's Empowerment/"Challenge Again" Initiative/the Abduction Issue
  • Minister of State for Measures for Declining Birthrate/Gender Equality
  • Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Cabinet Office
  • Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary
  • Director, Personnel Office of the Cabinet
  • Director, Committee on Health, Labour and Welfare, HR
  • Director, Committee on Cabinet, HR
  • Director, Committee on Environment, HR
  • Special Advisor to the President of LDP
  • Manager, Research Commission on the Tax System, LDP
  • Director, Health, Labour and Welfare Division, LDP

Area of Interest

  • Economy and Employment
  • Regional revitalization
  • Countermeasures for declining birth rate

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