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HAYASHI Yoshimasa

Member,House of Councillors

Number of Times Elected
Jan. 19,1961


  • Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Masters of Public Administration


  • Mitsui & Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
  • Staff Member, The Banking Committee for a Member of the United States House of Representatives
  • International Affairs Intern, Office of Senator William Roth, Washington, D. C.
  • Secretary to the Ministry of Finance, Tokyo
  • Minister of Defense
  • Minister of State for Economic and Fiscal Policy
  • Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
  • Chairperson, Special Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense, HC
  • Chairperson, Special Committee on Official Development Assistance and Related Matters, HC
  • Deputy Chairperson, General Assembly of the LDP Members in the House of Councillors, HC
  • Acting Chairperson, Policy Research Council, LDP
  • Chairperson, Research Commission on Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Strategy, LDP
  • Deputy Chairperson, Research Commission on the Tax System, LDP
  • Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Parliamentary Friendship Association Attached

  • Chairperson, Japan-China Parliamentary Friendship Association
  • Chairperson, Japan-Belgium Parliamentary Friendship Association
  • Chairperson, Japan-Luxemburg Parliamentary Friendship Association

Area of Interest

  • Economic and Fiscal Policies
  • Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
  • International Affairs and National Security

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