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Chairperson, LDP Policy Board in the House of Councillors
Member, House of Councillors
(Tokyo Metropolis; Elected 4 times)


  November 5, 1951


1974 Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Keio University (BA)
1976 Graduated from the Graduate School of law, Keio University (MA)


1980 Assistant at Tokai University (Faculty of Political Science and Economics)
1983 News anchor, "CNN Day Watch"
1987 Assistant Professor at Tokai University / Anchor, "Morning Show"
1992 Visiting Researcher, at the Center for East Asian Research, Harvard University
1995 Professor at Tokai University
First elected to the House of Councillors (Proportional Representation)
1996 Deputy Director Strategic Peace and International Affairs Research Institute, Tokai University
1998 Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs
2001 Chairperson, Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense of Diet, HC
2006 State Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare
2007 Fellowship Researcher, Japan Medical Association Research Institute
Visiting Researcher, Harvard School of Public Health
2008 Senior Research fellow, Japan Center for International Exchange / Visiting Professor, Nagasaki University
2012 Visiting Professor, Fukushima Medical University / Visiting Professor, Minobusan University
2013 Acting Director-General, International Bureau, LDP
2017 Chairperson, LDP Policy Board in the House of Councillors
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