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ABE Shinzo

ABE Shinzo

Prime Minister
President, Liberal Democratic Party
Member, House of Representatives
(Yamaguchi Prefecture, 4th electoral district; Elected 9 times)


  September 21, 1954, in Yamaguchi prefecture


1977 Graduated from Faculty of Law, Seikei University


1979 Entered Kobe Steel, Ltd.
1982 Private secretary to Foreign Minister Shintaro Abe
1993 First elected to the House of Representatives
1999 Director, Standing Committee on Health, Labour and Welfare,House of Representatives
2000 Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary (Mori and Koizumi Cabinets)
2003 Secretary-General, LDP
2004 Acting Secretary-General, LDP
Chairperson, Party Reform Promotion Headquarters, LDP
2005 Chief Cabinet Secretary (Koizumi Cabinet)
2006 21th President of the LDP
90th Prime Minister
2012-2014 25th President of the LDP
96th Prime Minister
2014- 97th Prime Minister
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