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KOMURA Masahiko

KOMURA Masahiko

Vice-President, Liberal Democratic Party


  March 15, 1942


1965 Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Chuo University


1968 Registered as an Attorney
1980 First elected to the House of Representatives
1987 Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Defense
1989 Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Finance
1990 Director, National Defense Division, Policy Research Council, LDP
1991 Chairperson, Special Committee on Disasters, HR
Chairperson, Standing Committee on Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries, HR
1994 State Minister and Director-General, Economic Planning Agency
1998 Minister for Foreign Affairs
2000 Minister of Justice
2003 Chairperson, Special Committee on Anti-Piracy Measures, Prevention of International Terrorism, and Japan's Cooperation and Support
2007 Minister of Defense
Minister for Foreign Affairs
2010 Chairperson, Political Ethics Hearing Committee, LDP
2011 Chairperson, Research Commission on Regional Diplomatic and Economic Partnership, LDP
2012 Vice-President, LDP
President, Strategic Council on Rebuilding Diplomacy, LDP
2017 Retired from the House of Representatives
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